About the Department

Faculty member of Applied Chemistry department work with mission to develop creativity in students through the view of general chemical principles which fulfills the objectives of engineering education. The department is run under headship of Dr  A. Shukla (M.Phil, Phd). He is fellow member of international congress of Chemistry and Environment and associated with SVITS since inception. RGPY has nominated him as member of board of studies for Chemistry. He has attended various conference and presented his research  contributions.

Other members of the department are Smt. K. Sharma an experienced senior faculty member Mr. S. Shivhare is working in the dept.as lecturer and looking after various other activites of the Institute. Dr. R. Choure is Asst. Prof joined the department in 2012. The department is having well equipped and developed Laboratory with sufficient area (218 m2) in which student can perform near about 17 experiments individually, with at least four set up of each experiment.  Mrs.S. Lal  Lab. Assistance is having sufficient experience in handling equipments. Mr t. is lab attendant.

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